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Blog app "Already up-to-date"

edited March 2018 in Apps

I copied last version of the blog app in a site with the same version (same db schema) but slightly different code. Now in administrator bar I have the link to upgrade but clicking it I get "Already up-to-date". How can I take it off?


  • It sounds like it may be confused about the version of the blog app that's installed. If you look at the elefant_app table, it should have an entry like this:

    [ blog | 1.1.4-stable ]

    You can use the DB Manager app to update that, or the MySQL command line.

    I wouldn't recommend keeping the DB Manager on a live site though. It's password-protected, but less secure to give complete access to your database should someone gain a login somehow.

    Let me know if that helps!

  • I already installed DBManager and record (blog, 1.1.4-stable) is there. Have I to remove it? Thanks.

  • I would try removing the entry and see if that lets you run the update.

  • sorry, not solved.

  • That's very odd. If the version in that entry matches what's in apps/blog/conf/config.php, then it shouldn't show the upgrade notice for that app. And the same check is in the upgrade script that shows the "Already up-to-date" notice.

    Without having closer access to see what's going on, my only guess would be if there's a blank space in either field in that entry.

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