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FileManager bug?

Hello, I have this issue:

Installed ECMS on testing web site Everything was ok.

Installed ECMS on the same hosting but shows no logo and background image in layout minimal. Obviously the path is wrong.

Main difference between instances is that instead of hosting_root/www/domains/ directory the second instance has to be in hosting_root/www/domains/ for some reasons.

Any suggest what should I do?

Thank you.


  • Can you let me know what the broken image links are outputting when you view source in the browser? And are these the default logo and background image, or ones you've replaced them with yourself?

    Let me know and I'll see what I can figure out :)

  • No image. The block with New directory, select file and upload area is shown for booth images. No upload works, resp. file is stored but not shown. When I edit the template file and change default path to ./{therestofpath} image is shown in preview. When saved and reloaded, the symptom is the same. When I change the path to {therestofpath} back, without ./ image is shown in preview again.

  • I'm pretty sure there is some paths misunderstanding because when I logout, the home page can't be accessed, just login page is shown.

  • edited February 2018

    and the path is only one noticeable difference between two new and pure testing instances. %hostingroot%/www/domains/ -> VS %hostingroot%/www/domains/ ->

  • If both domains are mapping to those root folders, and Elefant's configurations are the same, I would check the following to make sure they're correct:

    1. Double-check the web server configuration for any minor differences between the two.
    2. Could one of those folders be a symlink or an alias?
    3. Save the following script as phpinfo.php and see what the _SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] value is to determine if it's correct.

    <?php phpinfo ();

    Just make sure not to leave that file in there after testing :)

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