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edited June 2012 in Framework

Where does it put the dump.sql I can't seem to find it (tried grep too for that matter).


  • Do you mean from running ./conf/elefant export-db? For that you just specify where it goes, e.g., ./conf/elefant export-db dump.sql which would put it in the root of the site. If you leave out the filename, it will just print the database contents for you to pipe to something else.

  • edited June 2012

    In ./conf/elefant.php Line 675

    exec ('./conf/elefant backup-db .backups/backup-' . $ts . '/db.sql');

    This line is wrong. Working on the fix now.

  • Where is the backup option? I didn't see that in the tools section nor any embed options.

  • @jbroadway, issued a pull request that fixes the bug.

    @jmonroe, elefant has a fairly useful command line utility

  • Oh okay...thought you meant it was on the admin interface. Got ya. Thanks

  • Ah I see what you meant. Thanks for the fix!

  • jmonroe, would you be interested in an admin way off accessing this? We could probably add that in if you wanted.

  • I thought it would be a cool deal. I was going to try and add it to my nav bar once I created the "app" folder.

  • I guess that could work doing a readfile() and setting the right headers so it downloads. A UI-accessible backup would be handy. As long as ./conf/elefant is only writing to the cache folder, it should be able to work via a system() call too.

  • edited June 2012

    I was thinking a UI accessible backup and restore from backup.

    Maybe add a "Restore from Backup" option to the installer?

    That would be priceless in terms of migrating servers.

  • Restore from backup would be an interesting challenge, since it could potentially include additional apps and their settings, database tables, etc. Some folders also aren't writeable by PHP, so it may have to be a partial update like DB only.

    Technically, you don't need an existing install to restore to though, the backup includes all files and a dump of the database, so restoring is really just a matter of untarring it, piping the dumped db.sql into the new database, and adjusting database settings if needed.

    I've tended to keep sysadmin functions on the cli, but that definitely limits their utility for average users.

  • That's what I used it for. A quick push to a new host after I developed it locally.

    Hmm. Leave that to think on for now, as far as I know no one else has this kind of functionality either.

  • shortj I think Drupal has modules for UI and command line called Features. You can configure a system with modules, layout, design etc and then package it up - a very neat idea - as well as the usual dp backup/selective restore Backup and Migrate

    I think the CMSMS Themes Made Simple module is a bit more limited but the same idea, they also have a module for system backup/restore.

    All this would be very cool ;-)

  • edited June 2012

    You have given me an idea.... going to go try this.

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