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Logo does not fit

Using the minimal theme. I have created a logo 250x100. Doesn't fit. No matter if I do 300x150, 500x200, or 250x100...regardless the resolution, the sides of the logo are cut off. What's the solution J? Thanks.


  • It looks like it's resizing images to 400x264 for the smaller thumbnails, and 600x396 for the larger thumbnails. Hope that helps!

  • I have attempted to use these dimensions but still same result. I know this thread is old but reopened it today in a new thread. Sorry. Forgot about this original post.

  • Strange, I'm not sure where I got 400x264 from before, but it looks like the width and height ought to be 250x100 according to the template:

    I looked at the CSS and I don't see anything that should affect it there. Let me know if that works!

  • Not sure either. Working on it now. Its a site for entering data via forms and spitting out reports. Similar to what we worked on years ago.

  • I have the logo working fine. I am looking to create a timesheet of a sort for a 2 week period that will give a tablular report. Have anything like that built or lead me in the right direction regarding multiple dates on the form? Using form builder but adding 14 date fields and I think there may be a better way.

  • Hmm, not sure what the best approach would be but probably writing a custom form at that point. This may help make the date selection on a custom form a bit easier:

  • The dates come up fine as it is. I am trying to allow them to enter one timesheet for all 2 weeks worth of work and one email will be sent out for that entry.

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