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First Elefant Open Source Release From Me

edited June 2012 in Apps

0.0.1-alpha release of something I have been messing with the past couple days on and off.

I was playing with this idea because we needed something at work, and I wanted to see if I could flesh out a bit more of my elefant RBAC idea while working on this. The code is more or less a complete mess, (inline css and JS everywhere, and unorganized) but it should be functional and install from the web installer properly. Don't install this on anything you need, I don't trust myself that much yet. If I have more time I will go back to this, but it gets done what I need it to for now.


  • So what exactly does it do ShortJ? I see its titled passwordmanager.

  • We needed a simple way at my current day job to organize and easily share passwords for all the different services we use. Half the time it is a frantic text message or phone call, or diving through a million different google-docs.

    This takes all those passwords, puts them in one place, secures them under a company wide "masterpass" which is required every time someone wants to see the password list. Also, every password is only available to those groups who have been assigned to it. So say your accounting Group needs to see Quickbooks and HR passwords, Tech Group needs to see your network wide bios passwords. Tech and Accounting need to see network wifi password. Etc.

    It's still got some major UI design flaws and other data validations that need to be done.

  • This is pretty cool! I like how you implemented adding users to groups and groups to passwords in the edit screens. One suggestion would be to add usernames and links to the login page of a service (if applicable).

    Thanks for sharing this, and may I add it to the Apps page on the site? :)

  • You know, I thought about that as soon as I posted it here. I will get around to that eventually. Right now, I have a couple other more important apps to keep working on. Hopefully by Sunday I'll have my first larger elefant based site up. (crosses fingers)

    You can add it, it's nowhere near what I'd consider all that usable. But it does sorta work. Not sure how much more time I really want to throw at it. It's already got 5 or so hours into it.

    I think what I want to do is abstract out the RBAC and redo that into its own app that we can use for other apps.

  • I think an abstract RBAC app would definitely be useful! Good luck with the site, and looking forward to seeing it :)

  • So where does one gain knowledge of building apps...for instance like the blog coding I was given by ShortJ. Is it a particular thing to follow or knowing programming and writing from scratch be the only way?

  • Well, to learn Elefant there's lots of info in the developers section of the documentation. The best way is to try out the tutorials and get the sample code in them working for yourself. When something breaks, google the error message and usually something useful will come up, and soon enough you'll have learned a lot just through trial and error. Once you have the samples working, reference the documentation to try to modify them in different ways, like adding a missing feature or combining the features of different tutorials together to come up with more advanced apps.

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