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Alternate payment solutions

Not everyone has the ability to use stripe. Does anyone have an idea how to implement eWay payments. Their Rapid SDK for php is a tad confusing. Any assistance is much appreciated.


  • I haven't used eWay myself, but you could use the Stripe app as a basis and replace the Stripe-specific elements from there.

    The main thing to plug into other apps is the files conf/payments.php which lists handlers that provide payment capabilities in a consistent way that the various apps can use. Elefant will look for that file in each app, and any app that supports payments should be able to have its settings updated to choose from any of the handlers found in those files.

    The bigger part will be implementing the handlers/payment.php file that conf/payments.php refers to. I would use the one in the Stipe app as a starting point (seen here).

    Basically, it takes as input a few values:

    • amount - The payment amount in cents
    • description - The project description or name
    • redirect - An optional redirect on purchase
    • callback - A function to call with the results of the payment being processed

    There are a few other options like show_coupon and plan that I believe should be optional.

    The handler is expected to implement the payment processing details, so that the whole integration into other apps can be as simple as this:

    {! stripe/payments
        &description=Item name
        &redirect=/thanks !}

    Behind the scenes, the payment handler can do whatever is needed to make that happen for a given payment gateway.

    Hope that gives you a starting point on the Elefant side of things.

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