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Theme Conversion



  • edited June 2012

    Wow...I'm lost on how you did that. I would love to know how. Keep from me having to install WP (even though its installed now). I have several WP sites I host that are live...but I setup one the other day to use as a test bed.

    So how do you do exactly the wget command you ran? And I am assuming you are running a linux box? I am on Win7 at the office but have Ubuntu 12.04 and Mac at home.

  • One thing you probably need to include in the theme is a copy of the GPL license from their original download and a mention of the original :)

  • Sounds good...I will make sure to do that for sure.

  • Done.

    jbroadway, you are welcome to add that to the themes page if you want. I think I covered most of the GPL necessities, not too familiar with that so you may want to take a look.

  • Sorry to make more work for you, but it seems there's an alternate template in the Boldy theme for inner pages:

    I realized it when I went to setup a page to take a screenshot for the site.

  • edited June 2012

    The template actually contains a 5 different templates all together. Go easy on him J...we can't afford to fire free help. lol

  • Five? That seems a bit much...

  • It uses the slideshow template for the first page...then the About and Services page is another...Blog page is another...Porfolio is another...and Contact page is different as well. I could be wrong but it seems like 5 different versions to me.

  • edited June 2012

    I already have the homepage and and inner page layouts both in the boldy.html. Similar to how you had the original template default set-up. Just check the theme on any page with an id that's not "index".

    I can separate it out if you want.

  • So with the way you have it does one know to name their pages with the id's you used in the coding? I think separating the html files would be good to use and include all the styles on one css file. That way you can offer some generic pages such as about, blog, portfolio, contact...then they would all pull their styling from the css page. It would allow for people just to select the page they want and add it to their site. Or is my thinking backwards? Now I'm confused. Sheesh.

  • edited June 2012

    Another question for you ShortJ...I am looking at your code on boldy.html. I notice that your references for the slider is pointing to Site5 slider. Why did you not copy the files locally and point them that way? And can you email me at the way you did the wget command? It would be most useful. The other thing is...for the social networking links...I wonder if there is a way to incorporate a way for a person to make those links hold their own links to their profiles...or tie in the way elefant grabs them.

  • I just changed the HTML coding for boldy to hold the slider that pulls from the file manager built in elefant so that way one can control the photos they display.

  • edited June 2012

    I can definitely update all that. Just need to find some time. They just needed to have the index id which is what elefant I believe defaults to. Everything else went to the two column layout. I'll play with it some more when I can. Like I said, I threw that all together super quick. :D

    Social links I am not quite sure how to easily do.

    Jbroadway, what do you think about adding a way to add "Theme" settings that are easily edited from the admin panel. Not quite sure how I'd implement that and stick with the super simple way elefant handles theming though.

    As for the wget.

  • Thanks for the link ShortJ. In regards to the template, I have updated the slider with the elefant one that pulls from file manager. I am also working on the social links. Trying to see if I can get it tied to the elefant entries by the user. That would be sweet if I'm successful. And one last no means worry...your putting it together super quick came out excellent my friend. Very awesome job.

  • edited June 2012

    How are you pulling from the social links the user puts in? Only thing I could think of would be to use a block. That may work, but you would have to prevent the default paragraph tags the editor puts in.

    Also. Updated to include the slider.

  • Trying to figure that out still. I think the block idea may work...haven't thought of that. Right now I am working on another theme...the wget command worked wonders...however, with my novice css abilities, my theme is coming out too great. You can check it out at

  • Check out the blog and contact page...they are taking on the templates form and stylesheet but the index page is not. This is driving me insane. I cannot figure out the deal.

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