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forms (built with form app) are no longer submitted

In a site installed in 2015 the forms (built with form app) are no longer submitted. I noticed that the token is not present although the code looks identical to a new (and working) installation. Client side validation seems working and the are no js errors in browser console.

What can I check?


  • In page object

    <script>$(function(){$("form[method='post']").append("<input type='hidden' name='token' value='2316b55590fca1fe48b2585f27b131fe'/>");});</script>

    is added in tail and scripts[] but does not appear in browser page.

    This explains the absence of the token at the end of the form, but I do not understand why the script is not present.

    Also I notice that $ _SESSION is always null or always empty if I add session_start() at the beginning of /app/form/handlers/index.php.

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