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Elefant CMS installed windows7 ./Elefant run from the command line

I have installed the latest version of Elephant in windows 7 and I have created a virtual host and I am accessing via the browser and edit the site, create forms, dynamic objects, etc.

I need to use the command line to import a database. Then I opened as administrator console windows and / d / wamp / www and ./elefant've typed, but the error message I get when I type in the console the Elephant command is: "export" is not recognized as an internal or external command, program or batch file I'm working with wampserver 2.5 and have applied the composer the php.exe running correctly. The environment variable path is the path to php.exe and has a variable PATHEXT .PHP Alguien ha hecho funcionar el comando ./elefant en windows7? por favor, podria compartir como?

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