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Still having trouble with user (accounts) admin after upgrade.

Just upgraded a site from 1.3.8 to 1.3.12 and am getting this error still in user/admin: "SQLiteManager: Likely SQL syntax error: select id, name, email, type, company, title, phone from elefant_user where 1 = 1 order by name asc limit 20 offset 0 [ no such column: company ]"

(SQLite this time rather than MySQL)


  • Here's the table definition after the update:

    CREATE TABLE elefant_user (
    id integer primary key,
    email char(72) unique not null,
    password char(128) not null,
    session_id char(32) unique,
    expires datetime not null,
    name char(72) not null,
    type char(32) not null,
    signed_up datetime not null,
    updated datetime not null,
    userdata text not null,
    fax char(32) not null default ''
  • (Missing company, title, and phone.)

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