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Slideshow for the Ink framework

edited September 2015 in Apps

A slideshow that uses the Ink Carousel and allows for captions on, above, or below pictures:

Screenshot: Imgur

Could be adapted for other slideshows and to handle other Ink pagination types.


  • Cool. Do you think this could be made into a shareable app?

  • Sure. Some thoughts/questions:

    Would it make more sense to bundle Ink or to make it a pre-requisite?

    It might be nice to handle other slideshows, or would those be separate apps?

    Some slideshows have per-slide transition speeds, positions, animation styles, etc. What would you think about adding an attributes field to the images property manager that could store such things? I think they typically can be json encoded, so one field should be sufficient. Or is there a better way to handle that?

    Some slideshows build slides out of multiple images. Not sure how to handle that, but I'm also not sure how widespread the desire for it would be.

    This is part of a more general trend I've been exploring: grafting front-end frameworks onto elefant.

  • I see different slideshow libraries being separate apps, due to the different takes they each have on appearance, ui, and behaviour.

    A recommended method for bundling libraries is something that needs to be thought out more in Elefant. Some sort of bundling is necessary for distribution with an app, so users don't need to run npm install or composer require for an app, which aren't really intended to be run on a production website, let alone called from a web request.

    Generally what I've been doing for client projects is using npm and webpack within the app folder, committing any build scripts or config files as well as the generated JS/CSS output, so the app comes with the compiled JS it needs to run.

  • OK, I'll try to get something up fairly soon.

    What do you think about the attributes idea? It's not necessary for this slideshow but might be a way to configure more complicated ones.

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