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Elefant 1.3.11-RC Released

edited September 2015 in Announcements

There are 284 commits since 1.3.10, including updating most components (Redactor, jQuery, etc) to their latest releases, a new Site Settings page, revamped docs section for Helpers, Elefant's way of sharing route handlers between apps, improved import/export options, several new apps (a shopping cart, organization manager, member lists, Boris REPL integration) and improvements to many others, and many bug fixes.

This is the first release candidate leading up to Elefant 2.0.

To download or update, visit the download page.


  • Way to go!

  • I'm having trouble adding a user on a new install -- getting "Your password doesn't match." We don't need to concatenate jquery and jquery migrate any more, do we?


  • I just pushed a commit that seems to fix the password matching issue.

    And no, we shouldn't need jQuery migrate any more. I've included it in /js/ in case its needed here and there, but it shouldn't be any more. Incompatibilities are best fixed anyway instead of relying on that.

  • Thanks. BTW, conf/version.php still reports 1.3.10.

  • Ah yes, Saturday night release packaging at its finest ;) I'll have to put a 1.3.12-RC out soon...

  • I am using the latest version for the console, and directly on the website I'm typing composer update and successfully performed, but still, not achievement password update the profile

  • I just tried and got an error, too: Error updating profile (#1): SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'about' in 'field list'

    However, I tested on a site that was updated from an earlier version (not a new install) so you may be getting a different error.

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