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Styling Issues

edited June 2012 in Design

What exactly are the index blocks? Are they the items you can add using the + symbols on the index page? If so...I am trying to customize the ones on my site due to the text running too close. I see using inspect element in Chrome that they are displayed as a table. I tried adding table styling to my css sheet but without success. sidebar menu text are really small for some reason. I haven't added any styling to the text. Shouldn't be it default to the frameworks styling?

Any suggestions? Thanks.


  • On the default index page, those are just a table in the body of the page. They're not setup as blocks, just a little sample content so new sites aren't empty. So you can style/edit/replace them any way you choose. I always just replace all the default content with real content myself.

  • I have replaced it with real text by typing in what I want it to say. Are you referring to completely removing whats there and placing something else instead?

  • That's what I do, yes :)

    You can check out some of the other themes to see how they use custom blocks too, for example:

    That uses 3 custom blocks (index-left, index-middle, index-right) to create editable sections of the homepage that will always fit with the site's structure, whereas a table in the page editor can be modified by users, removing columns, changing alignment, etc.

    Hope that gives you some ideas to try!

  • Thanks does. I am almost finished my new layout which is looking really nice. I have come far with CSS in just a few days time.

  • edited June 2012

    I have looked at the site and I have the 3 index blocks in there now. However, which class do I call for each since I am not using grid layout? I have a class called #index-blocks with some styling specified. When I look at the Montreal stylesheet, I do not even see styling being defined in the css. How does the system know to use grid_4 and where does it get its styling from? Can you elaborate a little more? My blocks have not changed even after adding the index-blocks section of coding to my html. I have chose to edit page and removed the html for the tables that were displaying the text. I do not get the add blocks + symbols on my screen to add blocks.

    Now...if on the edit page screen...I choose code snippet and past the div class"index-blocks coding for the 3 boxes and paste it into the editing window above my horizontal bar and save...then the 3 + buttons show up on the page but in a vertical position along with the coding next to each button.


  • The Montreal template is using the 960 grid system, which is where the grid_4 class styles are defined. If you want to create an editable area (aka block), take a look at the following page for help with that:

    To make several blocks align next to each other, you can use a grid system like 960 provides, or build the CSS yourself. For example:

  • I got it working...I had to float:left my class index:blocks and set them up at width 33% with a padding-left of 3% and got them right where I wanted them.

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