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Multilingual setup issue

I'm not able to run a multilingual site. I set multilingual = On and created the tree as described in the documentation.

If I set negotiation_method = url it works locally but remotely I get ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. I work on a local copy of the site that shares the remote DB (using SetEnv ELEFANT_ENV).

If I set negotiation_method = http I get different behaviors depending on the browser. Using only the domain I get the old home (id = index) and not in the home language of the browser. Browsing domain/it in Chrome I get the right home (IT) and the right menu (IT) in Firefox I get home properly (IT) and the right menu (IT) Browsing domain/en in Chrome I get the right home (EN) but the wrong menu (IT) in Firefox I get redirected to the wrong home (IT) Browsing any subpage I get the right page in each language with Chrome and with Firex.

What I'd like to get is that browsing the domain was proposed language of the browser but with the ability to change it.


  • I had forgotten a "Multilingual Homepage Redirect" within a block (sidebar) now negotiation_method = url (what I use) works as expected.

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