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Suggesting Elefant to non techie client

edited June 2012 in Miscellaneous

I have a not to techie client that is needing a website and so far I am really liking the way Elefant works and performs. I have experience with Drupal and Wordpress but I am really wanting to use something new. It seems to me that Elefant is easily extendable and seems to be fairly easy to use.

The clients website will be like a portfolio where she can upload photos and she would also like the option to sell the photos.


  • Hey! I'd love to know your experiences with helping your client through using Elefant, could be good for identifying gaps in our user manual section :)

  • I tend to agree...would definitely help fill some gaps. Although, being a non-savvy client, I am not sure how much I would put into their hands. If you are to deliver them an elefantcms site, make sure you have all apps built that they may want to use as they will not know how to do so. Software like Wordpress is much more stupified for the non-techie people but with the right training, they can take elefantcms just as far....that's my opinion.

  • My hope is that with a bit of polish around the edges (documentation, clarifying confusing UI elements/labels, streamlining common tasks, etc), we can make Elefant just as easy for non-techie users as Wordpress or any other app.

  • I have no doubt in my mind that Elefant can become like so. That would be awesome.

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