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Editing custom fields after they're defined

How hard would it be to allow editing of custom field settings once the fields have been defined? For example, I want to change a field from text box to drop-down, but I don't want to lose the data that's in it.


  • You can edit the custom fields after they've been created already, and it won't remove the existing values if you're just changing the type. Renaming them seems to be okay too.

    The only issue would be if the previous values entered via text aren't available in the drop-down, then it would only let you choose from the options in the drop-down when you edit the associated content again.

  • I just realized they're editable in Chrome. For me, they're not editable in Firefox.

  • Hmm, you're right. Seems like something is preventing focus on anything inside the fields, and it seems like it might be something to do with adding the drag handle, since adding a field works, but once you click Save you can't focus on it any more.

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