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Posting a new thread on the forum...

...doesn't work very well. There's a popup that won't go away that makes you think your thread wasn't posted. In this case, the popup says {"FormSaved":true,"DeliveryType":"VIEW","Data":"PGRpdiBjbGFzcz0iUHJldmlldyI+CiAgIDxkaXYgY2xhc3M9Ik1lc3NhZ2UiPjxwPi4uLmRvZXNuJ3Qgd29yayB2ZXJ5IHdlbGwuICBUaGVyZSdzIGEgcG9wdXAgdGhhdCB3b24ndCBnbyBhd2F5IHRoYXQgbWFrZXMgeW91IHRoaW5rIHlvdXIgdGhyZWFkIHdhc24ndCBwb3N0ZWQuPC9wPgo8L2Rpdj4KPC9kaXY+","InformMessages":[],"ErrorMessages":"","RedirectUrl":""}


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