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elefant isn't compatible with Opera brower

edited June 2012 in Miscellaneous

When I drag some pages to the site tree in Opera brower, I find it doesn't work . But it works in firefox brower. If anybody come across the same problem?


  • Ah this sounds like it might be similar to the issues IE is having:

    I'll see about upgrading the JS drag & drop library it's using. Thanks for the head's up.

  • Oh,i see.

  • Does this cause problems with touch devices? To be honest I have not tried it, but I will give it a go when I get five mins.

  • I've tested a couple drag & drop libraries for touchscreen compatibility, but it seems to be lacking still unfortunately.

    If the JSTree upgrade doesn't fix it, I may look at replacing it with the new jQuery++ which has some really simple drag & drop helpers.

  • jQuery++ sounds like a good idea. But if that doesn't work how about just some simpler method of maybe some add/subtract buttons for those browsers that cannot do it?

    Also I've just had a quick look at the demo on an iPad and quite a bit of the UI stuff looks too small for touch control?

  • I viewed my site on my is too small but when holding the iPad in appears much better. At least on my site it does. Its still small but definitely was able to login to the admin panel and view coding and browse around.

  • Still all a bit fiddly I think and not what such users would expect. It just needs some responsive type design built into the admin? Also touching 'Extra Options' in demo makes the 'elefant CMS' toolbar come un-stuck from the top of the screen on my iPad - weird... not sure why that is happening.

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