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FB comments embed update There is an incoming update for the facebook comments embed. I'm not sure what changes are required from our end, but I thought I should bring it up just to make sure.


  • It looks like we're a bit outdated in keeping up with their API changes. You also need a Facebook AppID now for integrations, which at least users can already enter through the user app's settings form, but still requires site owners to register an app through Facebook which adds confusion.

    Perhaps the default for comments should also change from Facebook to either Disqus (which also requires registering and entering your Disqus ID, but it's a much less confusing process), or to Elefant's comments app, which we would have to start including in Elefant core. The comments app requires visitors to register on the site, so it also can't be used on sites without user management enabled. So there are trade-offs to each. I'm leaning towards Disqus by default, which seems to be the most blog-friendly.


  • +1 for dropping Facebook and switching to Disqus or the comments app.

  • I agree with making Disqus default. I've actually considered ways to improve to the comments app, such as anonymous posting as well as user mentions and better cooperation with the user app. Doing so is not in the near future, but it's on my ideas/todo list.

  • Made the switch to Disqus for now. Haven't made the Facebook API and AppID changes yet though.

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