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Rename sidebar functionality

edited June 2012 in Framework

If I want to rename some things do I edit them in the apps folder? Like Members for the user sidebar to something else of my choosing?



  • You mean labels like an app name under Tools or handler name under Dynamic Objects? I'd probably just edit the conf files for that myself.

    If you want to control the urls, you would have to write wrapper handlers or include them in pages though.

    Another way to rename something could be to "translate" it in Tools > Languages, making a modified English translation... :)

  • Okay...thanks for the insight. Will have to decide which way I would like to approach it. One other thing...if I wanted to customize the way the embedded User Sidebar and things you can embed in there I modify the coding in the apps folders? Or should I reference them in my style sheet and create styles for them?

  • Generally if you can modify something via CSS then it should go in your custom stylesheet instead of modifying the original files themselves. You can look at the source of the page output with that handler embedded to see the HTML elements to style.

    If you need to customize beyond that, it's often best to duplicate the original and make your customizations in a custom app, which will make it easier when you need to upgrade since you haven't changed the original files.

    Hope that helps.

  • Yeah...that makes sense. I haven't touched the original apps for fear over having to worry about backing up and recopying again. I made the changes in the English translation. Will that file get over written when I upgrade code? Or is that now a permanent entry into the database? Also...I see someone started working on the German translation months ago but hasn't updated. I am still working on completing that but stopped as I wanted to learn CSS so I can get a site up and running. I am really not using the site you saw for anything other than a domain name to test out different apps on. I do plan on using elefant for a one of my real sites as soon as I find which I would like to use and once I get better at developing on the framework. Bravo to your work. This really is a great framework.

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