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Grid Based Framework

I downloaded and installed the grid based design version that was built a little while back. All I got to say is this is fantastic. The approach for this in my opinion kills anything I've seen on WP from a user perspective. Very easy and straight forward approach to drag and drop grids. How far out is this from completion or a beta? Looks fairly stable though I noticed some missing items like a color picker for background colors but great work thus far!


  • It's functional now, but it is definitely missing a few things. That also includes:

    • Drag and drop to re-order rows
    • Duplicate a row
    • Show the Redactor toolbar above the whole row instead of half-hidden in narrower grid columns

    The holdup at this point is just time. It's probably another week's worth of work to finish, but I don't see myself having that kind of time for another couple months due to being backlogged with projects until about mid-May at my current rate.

  • Started an issue on github to keep track of everything left:

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