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Admin Login

edited May 2012 in Framework

I was wondering if there s there any possibility to login in the admin area with a normal username. Because right now i'm able to log in only with an email.


  • In Elefant's user system, the email address is the username (for login purposes, not for display). I chose this since that seems to be the trend among websites, and it helps eliminate users having to remember one extra bit of info.

    You could add usernames to a custom app pretty easily using a table that simply maps them to IDs in the user table, if that's what you're looking to do.

  • Yes but i was thinking if there would be a possibility after you add new admin or a new user later you can login either with the email that you provided or just by the name of the user.

  • Ah I see what you mean. Currently it's email-only, but you could override the user/login handler in apps/user/conf/config.php and specify one that did a lookup by username or email. Those handlers are designed to be overridden with custom versions as needed, since you often need additional info on new registration for example.

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