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My First Live Elefant Powered Site is Up!

edited May 2012 in Announcements

Still needs some work, but I needed some of the additional apps functionality asap.

I am building out a custom backend for our shop, including a full Computer Barcoding/Tracking/History/Management App. Password Collection, Newsletter List Management, and Event Registration. Those will all be open sourced once I am done with them and have had a bit of time to work out bugs.

Although... I have a much bigger release coming in the next few days with the launch of my own company's first product.

Thanks to everyone involved for this awesome framework, I hope I can give back more in the future!


  • Awesome! And that's an impressive list of apps you're building! I've added a link to our little powered by page :) Looking forward to seeing the product launch!

  • Nice job ShortJ. And Johnny...I just checked on the powered by page...those are some impressive sites people have built. Wow....I need to learn it better and do revamps of a few of my sites. Very nice.

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