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edited May 2012 in Framework


Do you have any sort of performance related stats for mongo over MySQL inside the elefant framework? If not that's fine, I've just been exploring with other languages, I think I am going to take a quick stab at an app in ruby/mongo.

PS: node.js, someone please explain why the hell it is so popular... I played with it over the weekend, it is not fun. Not to mention there is very little documentation.


  • I haven't done any comparisons, but I would expect Mongo performance to be as good as any PHP lib, since it's using the native Mongo driver. I think the specific use case would make all the difference in Mongo vs MySQL, especially with Mongo's global write locking. I've been mainly staying with MySQL and using Redis as a complement to it.

    I've played with Node a bit too but find the callbacks get cumbersome as soon as you do anything more than simple marshaling of requests to external services. Running as a single app definitely helps with things like WebSockets compared to PHP which really wasn't designed to work that way. Still, I feel like that's something that will inevitably be solved for PHP too at some point.

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