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Error in Autoloader.php on line 87 Class PDO not found

edited August 2014 in Framework


php ./elefant import-db apps/uploadlogs/conf/install_mysql.sql

I get this error:

Error in /web/lib/Autoloader.php on line 87: Class 'PDO' not found.

PDO Driver for MySQL is enabled (Client API version 5.1.73)

What I'm doing wrong?


  • That's odd. I wonder if PDO is enabled in the web binary of PHP but not the CLI binary. If you run this command, is PDO listed?

    php -m
  • Thanks, you helped me to understand that the problem is not related to Elefant.

    If I run

    php -m

    as a root, PDO are listed; instead, running as jailed user, they are not.

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