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post-release changes

edited July 2014 in Framework

I run the command to update elefant "./elefant update" getting the message "1.3.9 is already up-to-date".

I then checked out a very recent change (example elefant/apps/designer/lib/Zipper.php) noting that it is not updated.

Is it possible to pull all changes after the last release?



  • The update command will only grab tagged releases, so until 1.3.10 is out that won't be able to pull any new changes.

    To get the very latest changes from Github, you would have to use Git to clone the project, then you would just run git pull origin master to fetch the latest changes.

  • I will try.


  • It seems that this pull overwrites also configuration files. Is it possible to download only the files added or changed after a certain date/commit SHA and possibly delete those deleted after that date without touching the others? Thanks.

  • Are you still on 1.3.9 or 1.3.10 now?

    I'm working on getting a new release out asap too btw.

  • I'm on 1.3.10 with all commits up to 2015-08-24.

    I'd like to update to the latest commit but have not yet found a quick way (without fork) to do it.

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