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Use callback to generate custom field values?

edited June 2014 in Framework

Lines 55 - 69 of admin/handlers/util/extended.php look like this:

    if ($field->type === 'select') {
        $data['fields'][$k]->options = preg_split ("/[\r\n]+/", $field->options);
    } elseif ($field->type === 'file' || $field->type === 'image') {
        $load_assets = true;
    } elseif (strpos ($field->type, '_') !== false) {
        list ($app, $extra) = explode ('_', $field->type);
        $fields = parse_ini_file ('apps/'. $app . '/conf/fields.php', true);
        if (isset ($fields[$field->type])) {
            $settings = $fields[$field->type];
            if ($settings['type'] === 'select') {
                $data['fields'][$k]->type = 'select';
                $data['fields'][$k]->options = call_user_func ($settings['callback']);

It looks like it's possible to pass a type of myapp_select and then create an .ini file in apps/myapp/conf/fields.php with, I'm guessing, something like

require = "apps/myapp/lib/Functions.php"
callback = "fieldname_get_values"

Is that the case and, if so, how do I set the type to myapp_select?


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