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Is it possible to install elefant cms properly without the command line?

edited February 2014 in Install Help

I'm trying to install it on a server hosted by which doesn't have command line access (I'll be changing to another provider when the contract ends in April)


  • You'll need to follow the FTP steps in the install steps in that case. Essentially, you need to upload the files via FTP and then adjust the folder permissions through the FTP client. Then you should be able to run the web installer without problems and have a working website after that.

    Here are the folders you'll need to adjust and their permissions:

    • cache, conf, css, files, install, lang, layouts - 0755, recursively
    • apps - 0755, not recursively

    Search the install page for mention of "FTP" and you'll see how to change the permissions using a couple different FTP clients.

    Let me know how it goes!

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