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edited May 2012 in Miscellaneous

Did everyone go to bed around here? It's only 9:30 pm central time here by me.


  • Haha, it's 10:10pm here (Winnipeg), been coding on another (Elefant-powered) project this evening :) Where you located?

  • New Orleans, LA. So what all can elefant power exactly? Maybe I don't see the whole picture. I thought it was just a modular cms that you can do some custom coding on and build widgets and stuff.

  • I'm using it to build Festivalist, which is going to be a social network for festivalgoers to share photos, stories, videos, etc.

    I started Elefant initially so that I'd have a solid framework for building my next startup project, something faster and simpler than what was out there at the time. So early on, the CMS part was secondary, but since I've had a lot of experience building a previous CMS, it gave me a nice chance to fix a lot of past mistakes this time around :)

    You can also see how some of the apps I've built for it (DB Manager, Assetic, CloudFront, HTTP Shell) have been coming out of the above project, since I needed them for development on Festivalist.

    I think a big hidden advantage of Elefant over other CMSes is the framework. Wordpress for example can be a good tool for setting up a simple website, but as soon as you need to customize it beyond that you discover that it's a total mess behind the scenes. It's funny, but none of the popular CMSes have a solid framework, and none of the popular PHP frameworks have much of a CMS either...

  • edited May 2012

    Got ya...going to check out the other work now. I need to get a grasp on it because I do see the benefits of this one versus others. I dont know how exactly you use framework to build something else. I am trying to really get into programming again. Been out too long. Joomla for instance is a fiasco. Drupal I know a decent amount about and have 2 social sites I built using it. I have several sites using WP and one WP social site that I have been involved in the social plugin since inception with a guy over in the UK. He really has made a good product called wpsymposium. Going to look at your stuff now. Thanks for all the explanations and help.

  • Haha. I've been using it to build (more like rebuild actually) a startup as well! As well as using it to revamp our site development process at my day Job.

    Currently I am writting a transportation management plugin. Next up is a newsletter app. Does anyone have any requests for included API's? I was going to do mailchimp, anyone use anything else?

    Also, I am working on a drop down main menu system. I have it worked out for my site and running fairly well. but I need to rewrite and (and possibly a little bit of how the menu system CSS functions). Hopefully have that done in the next couple hours.

  • WPSymposium looks pretty cool, I'll have to try that out when I have a bit of downtime at work next week.

    The easiest way to look at custom sites is as a collection of pages and apps. The public-facing parts of an app, like the /blog and /events handlers in those apps, make up the different features of the site. With Festivalist, it's just another custom Elefant app like WPSymposium is to Wordpress :)

  • @shortj that's awesome! MailChimp is a pretty solid option already for newsletters, I've also used their TinyLetter service but I don't think it has an API.

  • WPSymposium is cool...I have been around the project since 0.1. It works very well..and Simon puts forth great customer service and listens to the community and is always willing to take ideas and mods into consideration and implements if necessary. Much like elefantcms...its a great project to be involved in and great people.

  • Yup. We have about 4,000 people on our pre-launch notification list for the startup, and 100,000 emails from the previous iteration before we decided to do a relaunch. So integrating that kind of app in should be beneficial.

    I also believe mailchimp has the STS, I may work on building that in to the framework as another email option.

  • So...seeing how I have a huge lack of knowledge...what are some good references for me to read and learn from? Any suggestions?

  • edited May 2012

    Being perfectly honest? Everything I have ever learned has just been from google and building things I think up and figuring out how to do it. I am still in school for computer science but everything I have learned is basically useless (although I am doing a pretty cool adcanced artificial intelligence independent study that at the end should be able to dynamically optimize user interfaces per user and the general population based on unsupervised learning).

    Also. Hacker news is awesome for keeping up to date and finding cool new things.

  • Well...I appreciate the info. Hopefully I don't get banned from Google searches. I look up so many things...they may think I am attempting a DOS attack on them. LOL

  • shortj's advice is exactly what I'd say too. I'm almost entirely self-taught as well, and I google solutions constantly for reference. Hell I've been programming in PHP for over 12 years and I still don't know which order the parameters go in strpos() or in_array(), just that they're opposite and I can never remember which is which!

    Reading everything you can and trying things out is the best way to learn. And like shortj said, Hacker News is a great resource for keeping up on things as well.

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