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Sortable columns in admin: preserving sort while paging

edited November 2013 in Apps

Some time ago we added a line to apps/navigation/handlers/pager.php to preserve the query string, so that if the previous page was sorted via a $_GET variable it would be preserved. However, we ran into this issue:

Looks like the query string contains a % from url encoding that's causing the sprintf() to want more than one additional argument. Moving it to after all the sprintf() calls seems to do the trick (just pushed to Github).

Unfortunately, the pager is no longer passing the query string. Looking at the code, I think it's because $o->next_link, $o->prev_link, $o->first_link, and $o->last_link are now all set before $o->url is changed, and $o->next_link, etc., are what the view uses.

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