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Sharing Language translations

edited May 2012 in Miscellaneous

I am working on adding German to my list of available languages. I am in the process of translating all of the pages. Once I am done, is there a way I can share here in the community what I have done so that anyone can import straight in to their site?



  • Take a look into Git, what we use to share and work on elefantcms as a group. If you are getting into coding more, it is a really powerful tool. It is a bit complicated at first, but once you understand it you will see some pretty awesome benefits from it.

    A quick guide on it:

  • You can submit languages in one of two ways:

    1. Fork the project on Github
    2. Clone your forked project to your local machine
    3. Make your changes, commit and push them back to Github
    4. Click the Pull Request button in Github to send the changes our way

    If you're not comfortable with Git (which is a brilliant tool, but not exactly friendly to new users), you can also paste the files to one of these services and link to it on here:


  • Which are the files that would need to get pushed up? Just the de.php file I presume?

  • That and lang/languages.php

  • Okay...I do have a github account already even though I have never really used it. I will get it up there when I am done.

  • Hey! I successfully forked it and have it down to my local machine! Sweet...starting off good. I make changes to the files that I want to send up? Or add? And if I make changes does it mess up your source code? I really don't want you hunting me down. :-) Can you explain a little? Thanks.

  • You make the changes in what you have on your local machine, then make sure you add and commit those changes. Once you have that you push it up to your own fork (the very same you cloned on to your localmachine) on github. Once that is done, go to your fork on github itself and issue a "pull request" It is a button in the menu. You can't possibly screw up the master code, as jbroadway has to pull it in to the master branch himself for it to take effect.

  • it. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

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