Setting up dev, staging, and production environments

Elefant lets you to specify alternate configurations for your development, staging, and production servers. This takes two steps to setup:

  1. Duplicate the conf/config.php file and name it after your environment name, e.g. conf/development.php or conf/staging.php.

  2. In your .htaccess or web server configuration, set the ELEFANT_ENV environment variable. For Apache you would add a line like this:

SetEnv ELEFANT_ENV development

Now you can edit your different configuration files to suit your needs in each separate environment, and Elefant will load the correct one in each context.

Command line and cron jobs

To specify the environment on the command line, you can export the variable directly like this:

export ELEFANT_ENV=staging
./elefant version

You can also specify the environment via the --env option directly in the ./elefant command:

./elefant --env=staging version

Note that calling a handler directly via php index.php cli/version does not listen for the --env option.

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