App configurations

App configurations live in the conf folder inside your app. There are a number of configuration files for the various ways an app can integrate into the Elefant system, which are documented here.

This page will focus on the config.php file, where your custom configurations should live.

Aside from the [Admin] section, you are free to name your sections anything you'd like, and create any settings you need within those sections. Most Elefant apps use the app name or [General] for the main settings, for example:


; This is the title of your blog index page (/blog).
title = Blog

; This is the layout to use for blog listing pages.
layout = default

These can be accessed anywhere in your code via Appconf::get ('blog', 'Blog', 'title') or the shorthand Appconf::blog ('Blog', 'title').

The [Admin] section

The [Admin] section of config.php is reserved for instructions on how Elefant should integrate your app into the Tools menu and a few other things. A typical [Admin] section will look like this:


handler = blog/admin
name = Blog Posts
install = blog/upgrade
upgrade = blog/upgrade
version = 1.1.3-stable
sitemap = "blog\Post::sitemap"

The settings are as follows:

  • handler - The handler to link to from the Tools menu
  • install - The handler to link to to perform the app installation
  • name - The name to show in the Tools menu
  • platform - A comma-separated list of platforms supported by the app's admin interface. This can be used to hide unsupported apps from appearing on touch devices, for example.
  • sitemap - A method call that provides a list of URLs for the Google sitemap
  • upgrade - The handler to link to to perform app upgrades
  • version - The app's version number, used to determine if an upgrade is needed

User editable configurations

Users should not need to edit the config.php file directly. Instead, we recommend developers provide a settings form in the app itself for users to change specific settings.

See User configurable app settings for more info and examples.

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