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styling top menu
  • As said earlier I am porting an Artisteer template to use with Elefant CMS. That worked fine. Only because Artisteer puts the css class for the styling of the topmenu inside the


    ul> tag, I had to change apps/navigation/handlers/top.php. On line 5 I changed echo '


    ul>' in echo '


    ul class="art-hmenu">'; That worked perfectly.

    After updating to Elefant 1.2 yesterday I saw that top.php has changed. So now I changed line 21 in $out = '


    ul class="art-hmenu">';

    But this doesn't work. Looking at the created php file in cache and in the page source in the browser only


    ul> is printed without the class. Does the topmenu comes form somewhere else now? This is the only problem, for the rest the Artisteer template looks ok.

  • Apologies for the strange effect the tags have in the post......

  • I wonder if there's a way to wrap a <div class="art-hmenu"></div> around the <ul> in the template, so you can style based on that instead of modifying the <ul> itself? That way no theme-specific code needs to be added by modifying PHP files.

    I can take a look and see if there's another way to style it without modifying the code if you'd like.

    And no prob about the formatting. You can highlight code samples by indent them with spaces or using backticks around them like this.

  • I have tried to alter the by Artisteer generated css concerning the menu. First of all that is rather extensive and second, I did not manage to get it right. So that is why I changed the printing of the ul tag in your scripts. I understand that you prefer to keep the scripts free from styling tags, but at that moment I did not see a better solution. I appreciate that you will look into possibilities. I will do too.

    By the way. We are busy with the Dutch translation of Elefant and expecr to be ready with it tomorrow. Courtersy of

  • A Dutch translation would be awesome, thanks!!

    Another possibility for Artisteer support would be to make a very small "artisteer" app with a single handler, e.g. apps/artisteer/handlers/navigation/top.php, that did the following:

    echo str_replace (
        '<ul class="art-hmenu">',
        $this->run ('navigation/top')

    Then the Artisteer themes could use {! artisteer/navigation/top !} instead of {! navigation/top !}

  • Works great! Thanks.

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